Tyre type by manufacturer

Tyre model type nameIf you have matching tyres on your car it is not necessary to replace them with exactly the same type, but it does look nicer. You should be able to see the type name somewhere on the tyre wall.

Size of Tyre

Where to look for the tyre sizeWhat the numbers on a tyre wall mean.

Width/Depth of the tyre is indicated like 205/55

The tyre radius is shown as R15

The tyre speed rating is indicated by 91W for example

Type of Run Flat Tyres

Tyre Run Flat Identification Bridgestone use the acronym RFT (run flat tyre) Dunlop use the acronym DSST (Dunlop Self Support Technology) Firestone use the acronym RFT (run flat tyre) Goodyear use the acronym EMT (extended Mobility Technology) Michelin use the acronym ZP (zero pressure) Pirelli use the acronym RFT (run flat tech) Yokohama use the accronym RFT (run flat technology)


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