Motor Bike MOT Test in Leatherhead, Surrey

MOT centre LeatherheadYou can take your motorbike to Leatherhead Motor Company for its annual MOT test. The motorbike MOT will check the brakes, lights, steering, wheels, wheel alignment, exhaust system and other components of your motorbike to ensure it is roadworthy.

How much does a Motorbike MOT Test Cost

Motor Cycle having a Bike MOTThe cost of a MOT for a motorbike is £29.65 and for motorbikes with a sidecar the cost is £37.80 .

How to book a motorbike MOT in Surrey

To book a motorbike MOT at Leatherhead Motor Company call now on 01372 363 787


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Leatherhead Motor company provide Motor bike MOT tests in Leatherhead Surrey

Contact LMC for further information on 01372 363787.