Engine Tuning for all makes of cars in Leatherhead Surrey

Engine Tuning EquipmentLeatherhead Motor Company are able to provide routine servicing of your engine so that it meets manufacturers specifications. Engine tuning will ensure that your vehicle's engine runs at its optimum and runs as it should do.

Car Service and Engine Tuning

Engineers ToolboxMy dad tells me that cars used to have to be serviced every 6 months or 6 thousand miles. That, he says, was before all the new types of oils and engine management systems onboard modern cars.
I am inclined to tell the service department the details of my car and let them look up the service requirements on their computerised data base. I certainly do not want an engine management light coming on because I put the wrong type of engine oil in the engine. I mean isn't engine oil engine oil ! (entry by typist as the engine tuning section was far to complicated to put in here)

What tuning can be done to my car ?

The easy answer is to telephone Bob or David on 01372 363787. Their years of experience makes the answer so simple as I have discovered.


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A properly tuned engine can save you money as well as protect the environment

Telephone 01372 363787.